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Diamond News posts tagged with 'Diamond Shapes'

Baguette Shape Diamonds

In our last blog, we reviewed the history and some of the features of the Trillion cut diamond. As we come to an end on our review of diamond shapes, there is one shape of diamond that is very popular as an accent diamond that we just could not leave out – that is the Baguette cut diamond.

Pear Shape Diamonds

The pear shape diamond is also referred to (although less commonly) as the teardrop diamond. This shape of diamond was very popular during the Renaissance.  A man named, Louis van Berquem of Brugge of Belgium was the first to develop the shape and cut of the pear diamond  in 1458. History has also accredited him with being responsible for creating the 137 carat Floretine Diamond for the Valois Family.

Diamond Shapes

We hope that you have enjoyed our previous five blogs that outlined the four C’s of diamonds: cut, color, clarity and carat. In this blog we will be reviewing shapes of diamonds – this is often mistaken as the “cut of diamond.”