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Set the Stone with Six Prongs – Part III

In our last couple of blogs, we have been discussing the types of settings that are available when mounting a center diamond stone. If you have been keeping up with our blogs, then you probably now know and understand more about diamond settings than what you ever thought possible. In our last blog,...

Set the Stone with Four Prongs – Part II

In our last blog, we gave our readers a crash course in why diamond settings are so important. If you haven’t yet had the time to read our previous blog, we suggest that you read that one before you continue on with this blog.

Set the Stone – Part I

If you have been keeping up with our more recent blogs, then by now you are most likely very well educated on not only what to look for when buying a specific diamond (in case you forgot, we are referring to cut, color, clarity and carat) but also the various diamond shapes that are available on the market today. 

Baguette Shape Diamonds

In our last blog, we reviewed the history and some of the features of the Trillion cut diamond. As we come to an end on our review of diamond shapes, there is one shape of diamond that is very popular as an accent diamond that we just could not leave out – that is the Baguette cut diamond.

Trillion Cut Diamonds

If you have been keeping up with our blog, chances are by this time you are wondering just how many more shapes of diamonds could there possibly be? That is one of the beautiful things about diamonds – they come in all different shapes, colors and sizes – no two are alike.

Heart Shape Diamonds

If you have been keeping up with our blog, then you know that for the past few weeks we have been reviewing different shapes of diamonds. One of the main points that we have hoped to convey in our recent blogs is that when selecting a diamond shape only one thing matters – do you love it.

Pear Shape Diamonds

The pear shape diamond is also referred to (although less commonly) as the teardrop diamond. This shape of diamond was very popular during the Renaissance.  A man named, Louis van Berquem of Brugge of Belgium was the first to develop the shape and cut of the pear diamond  in 1458. History has also accredited him with being responsible for creating the 137 carat Floretine Diamond for the Valois Family.

Marquise Shaped Diamond

If you are in the market for a diamond – or think that you will be soon, then this is the blog for you. At Beverly Hills Jewelers, our goal is to educate people on what to look for when selecting a diamond. 

Oval Shaped Diamonds

In the past few blogs that we have written, we have been reviewing various shapes of diamonds. For a new diamond researcher, you may have been under the impression that there were only a couple of diamond shapes to choose from. 

Emerald Cut Diamonds

When selecting a diamond or diamond ring, there are many variables and many options. Without being armed with the proper knowledge, it is very easy to become overwhelmed with the shape, carat, clarity, color, cut...